Play counts have disappeared?

  • 19 January 2018
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I occasionally look to see if anyone has played my songs, and as I've been on local radio lately, I looked last week and it was on the upper right hand side of my logged in home page, on my computer screen:- 155.
I checked again yesterday and was thrilled to see it was up to 294. So I check again to day and...its not there. Nor is the info next to it which says; 'Plays in last day. ''2'' (or whatever)
I've not changed a thing so where has it gone? I am on the free version and do appreciated that but...why would it change?

2 replies

My followers / following/ and play counts on all tracks have disappeared! I hope they fix this soon.
I haven't done anything - or changed anything so...
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Hi there to the both of you,

Apologies about the troubles. The play counts not showing was actually caused by a temporary glitch on SoundCloud's end. The follower / following number can sometimes be off a bit, this is due to a caching issue on our end. However, I've gone ahead and triggered for the followers / followings to be recalculated, so if they weren't showing properly, they now will within the next 24 hours.