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Plays and Stats have not updated today after having people play them to test and the track I posted today is not registering any plays at all. It just shows up blank in the area where plays usually shows up. It was not like this just yesterday, so I am just curious if this is something I should be concerned with or a minor glitch that is getting sorted through? I am a "premium" (I think that is what it is called)and have few complaints. I noticed it happened once before (year or so ago maybe) but cured itself pretty quickly so I never needed to report it. This has been not working all day today. I have cleared my cache(s) and am not using my logged in self to try and generate any plays.

Thank you for any help (hope it will just fix itself). But some assurance of that would be cool.


Best answer by Mathis 15 April 2019, 15:00

Hello there everyone,

Our engineers let us know there was a bug causing for the play counts to not update properly. This issue started on Friday, and has now been resolved, so play counts should be updating properly again.

Our sincere apologies about the inconvenience this might have caused, and thank you for hanging in there.
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My tracks play counts and comment counts are stuck. I have tried saving my tracks and logging into a different account to play my tracks, and nothing seems to work. I also got a comment on two of my tracks, and the counter did not go up. Both the stats on my SoundCloud pulse app, and the stats on the website do not have accurate stats. Please help to fix this issue.
The plays on my new song ( is not getting updated! At first it was showing no play counter at all, and now it is stuck at 2 plays. The track is getting likes and reposts but not getting any plays. I asked my friend to check it and he also said that the plays were not getting updated. Please look into this issue and fix it as soon as possible!

State Of Void

Update: Now stuck at 7?! :?
Play counts for the song Scenery by BTS V seem to be frozen or increasing at very low rate that does not reflect the previous days play counts.
We have tested other songs and no issue with the play counts seem to be occurring with them. Only Scenery by BTS V seems to be experiencing issues with play counts.
Hey. So I just released a short album and 2 of the songs have 0 plays but they do have likes and reposts.
What's going on?
I'm pretty sure the rest aren't being updated as well.
On my phone when I try to look at the plays it shows 0 as well..
Is it because it's a new upload and there's some stress on servers or what is going on?
Album in Question
The same is happening to me at the moment. did yours ever get fixed?
Mine is currently experiencing the same thing, did yours ever get fixed?
Today my stats do not evolve. I made a test with a friend of mine to check if the issue was actual. Note that the likes number is not affected by this issue.
Thanks for your help.
Best regards,
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It looks like it. Not the first time and won't be the last. I paid for an online fb ad today to promote a new upload and this ruined everything. I have more than 100 clicks on the ad only, apart from the people that I know listened to it but 9 plays in the stats. I turned off the stats for public view in the end. Ah and also for one of the tracks, it said 'it is not available to listen in UK' for a while and I am based in UK. When they know that there is a problem, if they announce it on twitter or here, at least we wouldn't upload on that day. I also sent 2 emails hours ago and no response or whatsoever. I have 2 pro accounts for different projects and been wishing for a while there was an alternative to Soundcloud. And the most frustrating is their lack of response.
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Thank you for the input ella-ela. I am sorry you are facing these issues too. Hopefully this will get sorted though and we will be in the loop about it at some point. it just troubles me that the one I posted today is not even registering a single play. I am hopeful the plays that occurred today will eventually find their way into the stats once resolved. (can you tell I am TRYING to stay positive and optimistic 🙂 )
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I do understand problems/bugs can happen and be resolved but lack of SC response/communication is something I'm not very optimistic about 🙂 I just think they should let people know, they have all sorts of channels from fb to twitter to this forum. They, I hope, see the posts from people complaining about it and receive emails but still nothing whole day! I do hope the plays come back too. Good luck!
My play count froze and is stuck on 6 plays!!!!! I have heard with several friends that have sent me evidence that they have listened to my song, as well as it being reposted by 3 other users. However, my play count is still stuck at 6 plays!!!! I don't know what to do and I am freaking out
I saw posts about this about a year ago. But now, the 4 most recent track I uploaded won't load with their plays. One of them is stuck at 1 and the rest are stuck at 0.
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Update: Yep, still waiting for the "self-fix" or any word on what's what.
Dear Soundcloud,

Hi, my account is DJLGS. I have recently uploaded a song called: DJLGS - Ay This Is Unhinge (ft. Unhinge_YT). After I uploaded this song i realized my plays stopped on all tracks. My likes, re-posts and followers were still valid but my plays were invalid. My plays are stuck, please help me soundcloud!

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I like the optimism.
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I see many people are experiencing the play count issue. I have emailed them twice to no response as yet. You can try to contact them as well via this link: .
Mines not working, soundcloud fix your website! Come on, the: likes, repost and comments work but the plays are frozen!
[h6]My play numbers for my recent song aren't showing![/h6]

please i have same problem my play numbers aren't showing can you check it out
Here is an example of plays not being updated. As of typing this, my latest track "20 July (READ DESCRIPTION)" has 5 plays, and was uploaded yesterday. Today I got suspicious of this, and signed out of my account and played the track, and I saw it update to 6 plays. I sign back in. 6 plays. I refresh my page (I do that for some reason). 5 plays. What is going on?
Once again SC play stats are not updating.
Is anybody else having issues with play counts not updating?
Hello since I uploaded the last piece it doesn't show any plays in the stats, even though some people listened to it. I tried to delete cache, refresh browser, listen without being logged but without effects.
Same here!
Yes, I have exactly the same problem since last night.
Shame. Probably a glitch going on in the site's code.