play counts not updating

  • 12 June 2019
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hey, play counts on our page have not been updating for a few hours now. wondering if there is something going on or anything we can do on our end to fix it!

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6 replies

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Hi there,

We're looking into this at the moment and will update you on this topic moving forward. Apologies about the confusion with this. Closing this topic to keep communication about this topic in one place.

@Borgen unplugged Given support is currently not covering all time zones at all times, receiving feedback from SoundCloud can sometimes take some time. This is not ideal, and I can understand how frustrating the situation is for you, but rest assured we've forwarded your reports to our engineers and hope to be able to provide further updates soon.
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18 hours now without a word from Soundcloud. Get it fixed!
Same problem here
Same issue
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Same problem here. Stats has not updated for six hours now.
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