Plays count suddenly jumped up a LOT.

  • 30 March 2017
  • 2 replies

So yesterday when I went to bed, my track Eclipse (which is almost a month old now) had about 150 plays. Today, I logged in and the number suddenly jumped to 250. So my total plays count jumped up by about 40% in just a few hours... cool. Any idea what might have happened? I didn't post it anywhere since I released it and I can't find anything that would explain this. I mean, I'm definitely not complaining but I'm really curious.

EDIT: it's also really weird that while this happened, I didn't get any plays on any other tracks, I didn't get any new followers, likes, reposts, anything. Just a ton of plays.

2 replies

Most likely a bogus spammer-bot playing your track.
Or else you are blowing up son!