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  • 15 March 2018
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hi all my plays have gone missing on this track:

it had over 42k plays, can someone help me with this? thanks

6 replies

I'm having the same issue with one of my tracks as well. It used to be at about 6,200 a few months ago and when I checked my listens on the same song again today it was at about 212 plays! It may not be much but I worked really hard for those plays! Really hoping I'm able to get it back to where it was!

Ive noticed fluctuations in my other songs as well, the number of plays seems to continue to go up and down for most of my tracks.

Link to song which lost about 6,000 views:

Thank you,

Hi Matthis,

I just uploaded a track and can't see any views despite playing on a variety of devices. Please help!

Track here:

Thanks @Mathis
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Hi everyone,

Apologies about this issue - our engineers have vconfirmed a temporary glitch that caused for plays to not display properly. This issue should now be solved though, so I hope you're all set again.

Thanks for hanging in there.

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I can see its got 43.9k plays. Are you still seeing it with none?
read it again
maybe the user who liked your track deleted their accounts? dunno :?