Plays not appearing correctly?

  • 3 January 2018
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For the past 2 days I have been having an issue with my amount of plays and as I JUST posted a track within this time I am growing extremely unhappy and impatient with it. It began with not tracking any plays at all, while the amount of comments I was receiving got ridiculous, as in I received notifications on reposts and likes I got but I had 0 plays and 1,464 comments despite only 1 actual comment in sight. What I got out of this was soundcloud was glitching and it was turning my plays into comments and i assumed it would resolve itself and revert my comments into plays like they're supposed to be. This has not happened at all what instead happened makes absolutely no sense. My plays from before were not given to me, but instead it just began recording all of my new plays since yesterday and took away some(not even all) of the fake comments. As of now my track reads 129 plays, and 261 comments. Yesterday it read 0 plays and 1,464 comments. I have the screenshots to prove it and i know that my track now has AT LEAST 1,500+ plays on it and I want them to be counted.

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