Plays not showing up on some of my songs

  • 27 April 2017
  • 3 replies

Hi, for some reason the plays are not showing up at all on at least 2 of my songs. There doesn't even seem to be a counter. Can you please help?

3 replies

Same soundcloud is pretty broken at the moment not only do my plays and followers not work properly but, my account all my tracks are unavailable in Canada where I'm from and who knows where else.
That's terrible! Let's hope they remedy the situation quickly. Thanks for your response.
I have the same problem.

Within seconds of posting a track I get an annoying spam/marketing follower and my play button disappears.
I wonder if these spam accounts suppress stats so we end up paying to get more views.
I'm not falling for that one.

Soundcloud needs to rid the spam from the site.