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  • 2 June 2017
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For a month now SoundCloud has not been updating the number of plays. I have tried to get answers but not sure how to get response as I am not too savvy with all this. I just wish I could talk/chat or have a response from someone about my not having total or new plays listed on my stats. Very frustrating and although I am probably just a peon with my 500 plays I enjoyed seeing my little numbers increase. Very pleased when I reached 500 plays and then everything just stopped! Can someone please help me or fix this?!

4 replies

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Hi Douglas,

Hmm, I've just played your last four tracks and they seem to have registered just fine actually. Please note that when you play them from your end, the number won't increase due to self plays not being counted.
Thanks Mathis. Yes, I know. However, up until about a month or so ago every time I visited my page I would see my individual and total plays listed for my songs. I tracked my songs by the total number of plays. That is how I knew I was approaching 500 plays...A big deal for me. But shortly after 500 plays, when I would go to my site on SoundCloud I never saw any more updates to my number of plays. I have been on vacation and not visited my page during this time with my children. I am looking at my emails upon my return and saw your reply. Thank you again for taking your time to review and assist me in this. I keep sending people to Soundcloud and I love it here. But, it has been very frustrating to me to not see updates to my plays. I know I am not one who receives multiples of play, as some get thousands, but my infrequent plays were very important to me. I just visited my page and now see it posting as I had always experienced prior to my problems over the past 4-6 weeks. I now have 518 plays showing! Yay! for me...WooHoo! 🙂 Thank you Mathis. Maybe your checking into stuff reset my page or something. I appreciate your help. If I have any other problems with this I will let you know...

Also, while I have your attention...Is it normal to have only one comment from people on SoundCloud over 500 plays. I received 1 comment after placing up my songs and after I replied to the commenter, none since. That may be perfectly normal for people to not respond or comment, it just seems odd over a year to receive only 1 comment. I just wondered if that could also represent a glitch on my page...I am going to go to my SoundCloud page in the next couple of minutes to see how it looks. I will again post to you and let you know if anything has changed. Thank you again for your time and energy in helping me. Have a great day! Doug
I'm having a similar problem with my account and it is happening with all of my tracks. The plays aren't updating, but I'm pretty sure the likes and reposts are
Same please help