(PRO) I can never see who listened to my track the day itself?

  • 25 January 2017
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I know this isn't the worlds biggest problem, but it's been bugging me for over a year now, so I've decided to see if it's just a problem with my soundcloud or a general problem.

The issue is this: I've payed for a pro plan, and being able to watch the stats of my songs and what not is included.
I love this feature and make use of it on a daily/weekly basis as it helps me get a grasp on who I reach with my tunes.
However, each time I want to see who played my tracks in the past 24 hours or so, their details just say '?' (as in, I cannot see which users, from what country and what tracks have been listened to). Only in the following days this gets revealed.
Concidering I pay for it I do not find it so extremely weird that I would like to see that bug fixed... And yet this has been the case since the moment I got soundcloud pro.

Does anyone know if there is a fix? Or do you have the same problem?


1 reply

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Hi there Kaat,

This might be due to a) a bit of a delay until our user stats are being served, and b) your timezone in relevance to our servers.