Hey guys and gals,
got a question.

I released a song last night and i am receiving the play count update, downloads, likes, and everything else, but in my pro unlimited stats that can be checked like what song was played most, by who, and where, my song title is not even showing up. Though its showing i got lots of plays in the last day from the song, it wont display the name nor pro unlimited stats for this song. Does it take like 24 hours or something? I would have assumed it would have been immediate but I have gotten nothing so far. The name of the track is "T$UNAMI." I have even considered its because of the $ in the name? But that doesn't seem to make sense seeing as though thats very common here on soundcoud.

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Hey. Any updates on the issue? I have a similar problem. My stats are not getting updated at all the last two weeks. I know the tracks were played from other external users. Very frustrating. 😞
Same issue here. From other platforms, I see different and more accurate looking stats. Why can't SoundCloud handle this? I'm glad September is my last month of Pro Unlimited plan. I don't want to pay and then not get what I paid for. Get your act together, SoundCloud!
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Hi there,

Hmm, we haven't heard any further reports about stats not working properly. Have stats come through for your new uploads in the meantime?
No, the stats are not updating properly. Blubrry tells me I have over 30 plays for my latest track yet SoundCloud only shows 4. You have heard further reports about stats not this report! I see posts about the same problems over and over again. Why can't these be fixed?
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dont worry guys, sometimes it takes a bit
Why does it "take a bit" all of a sudden when it's been fine for 2 years? And why isn't Mathis responding?
And now, like magic, they're there again. Server reset?
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I haven't had this problem take this long to resolve. I uploaded a song three days ago and I still don't see the stats yet it has 76 plays. It's not even listed on the stat page.
I experienced the same problem from 17th of oct. As I see we haven't got any solution yet.
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same problem here daily stats graph is empty for me since Oct 17
Is this fixed? Looks like it started over a month ago. This isn't a free service...
Yeah, whatever you changed on the 17th borked the stats. No updates since then. I know it normally takes until 0:00 UTC for the play stats to update, and maybe another day for the detailed info, but it's the 20th now.

I want to see which users have played my songs and whether the likes/follows/messages are just spambots that I need to report.

The data for the plays by song from the 17th onwards display OK in the summarised stats of plays per track, as long as you start the time period before the 17th. It doesn't take into account the number of plays from the 17th though; so it will rank songs based on the plays prior to the 17th. If you set the range to start from the 17th, it's completely empty.

And there are no detailed stats for any songs from 17th on (i.e. plays by country, user, city, source).

If I had to guess, I'd say the server that trawls and collates the plays at midnight is failing to send the results back to the web server.