Random Jump in Plays

  • 21 July 2018
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Recently I've started uploading music and it has been quite well-received by the community. However, I noticed something interesting when looking into my stats. Two of my songs received a large volume of plays within an hour (hundreds of plays) and then my average play count returns to normal (5-25 per hour). When looking at the location of the plays, they are all spread out amongst different cities, and from different countries as well. There is a main country contributing to the plays, but there are over two dozen cities account for those plays, not just one or two. In addition, the countries contributing to these jumps in plays have been different both times.

I have two possible explanations for this, but I wanted the community's opinion as well.

Possibility number one: While I myself would never buy plays, maybe a follower of mine did? I have no idea how buying plays works, but I didn't expect the plays to come from such a wide range of cities and countries (50+ total). Is that how it works? I still believe this is a possibility though.

Possibility number two: Maybe an online radio station played my songs, which would explain the wide range of countries and cities from around the globe. However, I don't know if SoundCloud is able to recognize when a radio plays your song and then subsequently gather all the information from the listeners.

Please let me know what your thoughts are, and thank you for your time!

5 replies

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You've got artist union download links on your tracks. They give a bunch of fake plays for every genuine one.
Never knew that about artist unio (I just started using them, I'll remove the links soon. However, both of these jumps occurred before I added the artist union links.
Same to my friend
Like jumped to a couple hundred plays, but no like or follows.
We were thinking the same thing about somebody buying plays but idek??
I've had a similar problem except I've had 80 plays on a track and then woke the next morning to 41.5k but I don't fake my stats ever or buy anything for that. Does anyone know what could be happening?