reliable statistics? no.

  • 26 April 2019
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Take a look at the stats of my podcast. It chugs along, sometimes has four of five listeners or less per day. Suddenly, one day about 5 weeks after the airdate, 43 people decide to listen to a certain podcast I created. Some days later 44 of them do it to another random podcast months old.

To me this calls into question the accuracy of the stats. I believe that the statistics have been artifically manipulated. Soundcloud can make the stats whatever they want by editing them. Or by some other method to pump them up.

The quickest way is to send a chunk of listeners into one piece of content. Soundcloud could have disguised this by spreading them out over 10 or 20 episodes, but that would have taken a programmer too long to bother with.

The stats are obvious fakery. How could a batch of people suddenly listen to a podcast I'd made 5 weeks ago? It was not advertised, and if I had a surge of listeners, they would be more likely to start at the top of the list, on or near the current day's show.

So, this is why I believe that Soundcloud's "statistics" are faked.

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