Removing Fake Likes/Plays/Comments

  • 17 March 2018
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I have 2 uploads on my account that have clearly been targeted by fake likes/plays. I do have suspicions these have been bought by the guest DJ on one of the mixes, there's been some discussion around him doing this on other platforms online.

Is there any way to remove these plays etc? I don't want my profile linked to anything like this, as the stats on every other upload will show. I've been manually removing and blocking comments and likes but it's impossible to do them as as they just keep coming.

The links to the impacted uploads are: over 2k plays - almost 16k plays

Hopefully there's a way to do this without deleting and uploading again.


1 reply

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To stop getting more you could make them private for a while, or try changing the URLs a bit. Unfortunately, fake plays cannot be removed as far as I know.
You can file a ticket about it here: choose "Reporting fake activity" in the third window.
I'd add direct links to the page of "likers" saying where the real ones finish and the bots start (although it's obvious!), so it's easier for the Trust & Safety team to deal with them:
using the new URLs if you are going to change them. However, expect to wait a week or so before they can deal with this.