Report: SoundCloud API Stream Calls do not count in statistics

  • 26 March 2019
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This message is for Carl

Bug: March 20, SoundCloud API stopped to count the SoundCloud statistics.


As of March 26. this track has 2 plays

Do an API stream call with client id)

My website uses these API calls, I internally counted 81 calls to this URL with three different methods:
  • Google Analytics Events with activated bot protection
  • NGINX Logfile Analysis
  • Database Statistics with bot protection
You can have a look at the source code that does the streaming and download count

All my statistics say: A minimum of 81 real users have listended to that track.
Not one single play is being reported by SoundCloud.

As a test, I took an exposed SoundCloud client_id with the same effects. It's not related to the client_id.
The bug is reproducable with different track ids, different users and different client_id's

My tracks at get 90% of the traffic from my website. These numbers dropped by 90% March 20. I have another SoundCloud user reporting the same effect.
My own statistics I access at

Thanks for investigating.



Best answer by starfrosch 28 March 2019, 11:36

Thanks a lot, the bug has been fixed as of March 27. Great work!
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1 reply

Thanks a lot, the bug has been fixed as of March 27. Great work!