Reposts show only when I click on them but not on track

  • 11 April 2017
  • 2 replies

I have 13 reposts on this track but its only showing 6 of these. before hand it wasn't showing any. I had to have some followers re repost will I have to do that for all or will they add themselves in

2 replies

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The page of reposters is nearly always more reliable than the stats on the track page which can take a while to update. I can see 13 reposts, that means you've got 13 reposts. Don't get friends to unrepost and re-repost it because that can cause problems for them.
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Hi there Adam,

Chances are that some of these reposts case from spam or fake account unfortunately. 😕 When they are removed by our security system, a caching delay causes for the number to not update straight away. This should fix itself over time automatically though.