RSS - difference between RSS apps and third party apps

  • 29 October 2018
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What is the difference between RSS apps and third party apps? Under third party apps RSS shows up, but with a different count than the sum of all RSS apps put together.

4 replies

I also have this same question. For some reason I am getting a ton of downloads from Third-Party Apps, and the only "app" listed just says RSS Feed. But they also have a section for AppleCoreMedia iPhone, and Castbox, and stitcher and all of them.

Used to be most of my downloads came from those RSS apps (apple), but now they all come from the Third-party apps section.
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Hi there,

Hmm, I hope this article on our Help Center provides the necessary insights:
Thanks Mathis,

Not sure that cleared this up. See the image attached. RSS apps makes sense. But then Third-Party Apps just says RSS Feed. But it doesn't say where the feed is that it's leading to these downloads. And frankly, I know where the feed is, and that data is captured in the RSS Apps section. So, the question is where are these "Third-Party Apps" downloads coming from (and "RSS Feed" doesn't answer that - know what I mean?)

My guess is that these downloads are actually coming from Apple's Podcast App, but for whatever reason are falling under Third Party Apps. I'm guessing it's just a technical thing that's separating them out. But I have no reason to think that outside of the fact that most downloads come from the Apple Podcast App and it would be really surprising for more downloads to be coming from some third party app that isn't Apple.

Hi there - was this ever resolved? I've had the same problem (see below). RSS APPS section makes perfect sense to me, but then in the THIRD-PARTY APPS, I have 1000+ plays from RSS Feed, but I have no idea where that's coming from. I can only assume its between Apple and Spotify? Any ideas or thoughts? Thanks. Much appreciated