RSS Downloads not showing in stats

  • 3 March 2017
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My podcast's stats seem to be a bit off in terms of RSS downloads. I have tested this by downloading the episode via iTunes and got friends to do the same, however it is still showing as zero. Any idea what's causing this?

4 replies

I'm having the same exact issue and have tested in the same way (both myself and friends downloading via iTunes). I don't want to post a duplicate topic, but can a Soundcloud support rep chime in with some clarification please?

As a note, I'm also running podcast stats through Podtrac, which is showing downloads. If we connect Podtrac, does that stop RSS downloads from showing in Soundcloud stats?
This happened me before I connected portrac (which is showing downloads )

So annoying!
Are your stats still not showing RSS downloads? I'm only on my second day so I wasn't sure if maybe it just had to refresh.
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Hey there, sorry about the confusion with this. We've switched the way we collected RSS stats on our end quite a while ago. Before that, the incoming stats would feed the entry on the top row on your stats page. As we didn't want to take away these stats from long term podcasters, the entry is still in there, but will show 0 for new podcasters.

Please look in the bottom right under the RSS tab. More info about our podcasting stats can be found here on our help center.