Some tracks have comments and do not show or I ever saw whats there, ever

  • 14 September 2019
  • 2 replies

Comments do not show up in some of the tracks even theres a note that comments exist.

No matter what I do the comments remain hidden for everyone, including me.

Tried some playing around with page names like suggested somewhere here to no avail.

Bit annoyed, not that I have many comments but would be nice to be able to read whats there.

2 replies

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Are they comments that would have been left very soon after a track was uploaded? Some spammers leave comments almost instantly, a bit like the porn accounts that immedaitely follow new profiles. If the commenter's profile has been deleted it can still leave a comment marker on the track.
Have no idea. Just realised a few days ago that there are comments that I cannot read or see.