Someone is faking plays/downloads on my account thru non-accounts, not sure who or WHY. What can I do?

  • 19 July 2016
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note: I've already sent the Trust and Safety group a message a few days ago, no reply just yet

Hi, I own the account 'Evoava' and 'Evoava-2' on soundcloud. Starting on July the 12th, I suddenly started getting TONS of downloads ON BOTH ACCOUNTS. I literally got 718 or so in the span of a day or two, by the way there was no increase in plays on the 12th. So I ended up just disabling my downloads, then the problem went away for a short amount of time.

Then on the 13th at some point, my plays started going up out of nowhere on both accounts. They aren't from SC users which I find odd since I've always gotten most of my plays from them. Nothing has happened on the internet anywhere for me to suddenly be getting plays from so many non-soundcloud accounts. They must be fake.

Unfortunately I can't point to any fake accounts that could be doing this. My likes and such haven't changed, as a matter of fact the past couple days have been slow in actual activity. I'm honestly worried that someone may be trying to get my account banned. I don't know how to tackle the issue and it's just been getting worse the past few days.

By the way my 'downloads' while they were enabled went up at the same rate. For example I'd have one track downloaded the EXACT same amount of times every hour. So it looks like a program is doing it. I am guessing the downloads thing and plays thing is related since they happened a day apart.

I REALLY don't want to be banned just because someone ( I'm assuming ) dislikes me.

This can be solved if me getting views from non-accounts is disabled for a few weeks, if that's even possible. That way my stats won't accumulate from someone trying to screw me over, only from real accounts.

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Hi there EvoAva,

Thank you for reaching out. Please get in touch with our Trust & Safety team for a more in depth investigation of this. They currently don't respond directly on our help forum, but you can reach them here.

Thanks so much.