Someone purchased fake plays for my newest song and I want to stop it.

  • 21 August 2018
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Hello Soundcloud Community!

Today I was looking at my statistics because I recently dropped a new song (like 10 or 11 days ago). Since I promote myself on various different platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.), I decided to check which platforms and websites are working the best.

As you can see, the first link has generated 73 listens so far, and I didnt know exactly what it was, so I clicked on it to discover this.

This is something that I would never do, for authenticity and so I keep a realistic view of my progression. So somebody else (either trying to be supportive in a stupid way or trying to mess with me) has purchased this for me, which is extremely irritating. What scares me the most is that I've only received 73 of these plays so far, but the smallest you can order is 5k on the website. I need to know how I can prevent these plays from coming in, and soon.

Thank you in advance,
Brian James

Also, heres the link to the song

3 replies

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There's two other threads about this fake-activity company in the last few days. They are adding the plays on lots of new uploads to promote themselves. It seems to be in batches of around 40 a day. If someone had bought plays for you from them it would be a sudden spike of thousands.

I said in another thread that as they are using the SoundCloud logo and the name, SoundCloud should be doing something about getting them shut down.
someone paid for fake plays on my soundcloud, my plays spiked at random two hours ago with no increase in usual likes, this is aggravating
All of a sudden my views spiked. I got like 4

00 views in a hour