SoundCloud Doesn't Count All the Plays On My Tracks . Why ???

  • 14 March 2015
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I am using Windows 7 ultimate and i am on Google Chrome Latest Version .

See I have Embeded My Song HERE and it has 4.1K Plays .
But This Track On Soundcloud has only 2682 Plays . follow the embedded links for yourself and see . why is it so ? its disturbing ! please help

4 replies

Thanks A lot
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whatever method they are using to embed is obviously not requesting the stats from soundcloud. instead whats most likely happening is they are keeping their own tally, which might be simply page hits, or it may count a play even if its only played for 3 seconds, or maybe they are just straight up cookin the books to try and make it look like they are more popular than they really are...

also, i dont think the public can see those stats as i cant see them anywhere... maybe you have to be registerred or something.

trust the soundcloud stats over someone trying to generate their own.
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and where exactly do you see 4.1K plays?