Soundcloud payments not going through

  • 1 October 2019
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I upgraded my soundcloud account to pro unlimited months back, and monetized a large portion of my music afterward. I have received an email from soundcloud every month since april with a report of how much money i should be receiving in my paypal that month. So i have reports for april, may, june, july, and august in my email right now. I have not recieved any of these payments since i started recieving the reports. I also double checked my paypal information recently and found that i had a closed account linked to it for the past recent moths that ive been receiving reports. But for at least the first month or two i should have been receiving payments to my paypal as the account had not yet been closed. I updated my paypal information today and am wondering if there is any way that i can know for sure whether the payment will go through when i receive my report for this month? I would also like to know how i will be reimbursed for the past payments seeing as i never actually received any of them. Thank you! - Adam or Evod

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