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  • 2 September 2018
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Hey there,

I happened to stumble across those soundcloud promotion sites, as an artist I thought that it would help me get recognition or a following of some sort (spoiler alert, I was wrong haha).

What these soundcloud promotion sites do is charge you and send bots to your account to like, view and repost your track. Which i didn't appreciate at all, because I as an artist would love to receive REAL love/fans/followers. And that's what I thought I would get from this site. But received something completely different (bots engaging with my track, I guess AI is already taking over humanity).

Now all i have is regret, and I'd rather have those 60 organic plays than the 1000 plays that came from the "promotion". Oh, I also payed them $10 but that's not the problem. I just feel bad about the fact that around 95% of my engagement came from bots and that those bots don't even care about my music (how sad).

This might seem like a lot to ask but screw it.
Is there anyway of getting rid of the plays that came from the "promotion" (here's the link to the song that had to go through this :
I would rather do that than re-upload my track. But I'm open to other solutions too!

Thank you,


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