SoundCloud Stats - Need Clarity

  • 6 February 2016
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I recently moved my podcast host from Libsyn to SoundCloud. I love SoundCloud's player and ease of sharing across social media.

But Libsyn had a great ability to track & measure stats. But a few things are unclear about SoundCloud's stats to me.

I post all my podcasts on SoundCloud. I use the RSS feed to deliver my podcast to iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn & other sources.

Do the SoundCloud stats measure plays/downloads through these sources that get the RSS feed? It appears that they do, but it also isn't clear to me based on some other threads that I've read about stats.

Also, at least of the sources I connect to the SoundCloud RSS feed (Spreaker) actually downloads the content onto their own servers. It seems pretty straightforward that these plays would not be tracked by SoundCloud, but I guess I just want to make sure I'm not misunderstanding something.

Any direction or feedback you can give is much appreciated.

Thank you.

2 replies

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Hi Todd,

Please take a look at our Podcasting stats-documentation on our help center. This should cover most of your questions. As far as Spreaker is concerned - I'm not familiar with their technology, however if they download your content and then provide their own version of your podcasting, my understand is this would count as 1 download, and no further stats from thereon (I could be wrong - it might be worth reaching out to their support team as well).

Hope this helps.

All the best
Thanks, Mathis.
I did reach out to their team & to a 3rd party podcast statistics firm that I use. Both told me the same thing: Spreaker stats will not show up in SoundCloud stats. The reason is because they are taking the file from your servers & reuploading it to their servers. And their traffic will download from their servers, which at that point isn't connected to your server.
I really appreciate your help and all you do to try to help answer these questions from the growing SoundCloud community. I shared what I found out just so you could share with others who may have the same question in the future.
Thank you, Mathis. Have a good day!