Soundcoud Charts entry

  • 2 November 2016
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9 days ago I decided to make one of my tracks public to show myself to the world and build an audience. All my other produced tracks are private because I am waiting for the labels who signed them to give me the YES to post them here on my page.
I promoted my ass off the last days which led to 20K plays.

I was checking out the charts a few days ago here on Soundcloud and did see that in my genre (Trance that is) my track should have been somewhere at #23 (18K plays back then) but untill today my track isn't there at all.
My name in that specific charts could give my track an extra boost and also for the releases to come a spot in the charts would be great.

Could someone explain to me how these charts work? And how it is possible my track still isn't there?
Your help would be kindly appreciated of course.

Thanks in advance.


1 reply

Do a search on the forum for 'chart' and you'll find lots of similarly disgruntled users with support just sending a link to how the charts work... which if the link were true, would mean there'd be none of these threads appearing.

Nobody seems to know how the charts actually work, only how they should work. I had an earlier track chart and others that I've posted subsequently that should be in the Hot & New chart and Top 50 for genre, not appear. I've put a few tracks up this week that have clocked 5,000 - 6,000 plays in a couple of days (plus likes and comments and reposts - which I thought they might have started to factor in) and nothing's listed... imagine my confusion earlier today when a Disco track posted 1 day ago with less than 400 listens, a couple of reposts and about 10 likes appears in the Hot & New chart... it's also a non-paid account (I thought there might have been preferential treatment for paying subscribers) meanwhile, the 4 tracks I've put up this week that are all getting a lot more daily listens - no sign of any of them in the Hot & New chart... and they should have broken Top 50 by now based on listens... no sign of them in the Top 50...