Spam is out of control and needs to be addressed

  • 8 February 2017
  • 2 replies

Woke up today to find that my new song had gotten almost 20 likes overnight!
Exciting stuff!!

Except 11/20 were porn spam accounts. This is getting ridiculous and only keeps getting worse. I'm honestly considering
pulling my music off SoundCloud if it doesn't continue because I can't tell what's real plays/like and whats "meet me now
so horny love you long time" bot accounts. Do you guys have any sort of filter for these accounts? Maybe stop allowing tiny/bit urls or something, which would suck but idk man. It's really starting to turn me off to SoundCloud

2 replies

SC works hard to remove spam but unfortunately some get through—help out by reporting the offenders.
How can I stop receiving all these sex spam messages when I check my inbox their status is “deleted user”. It seems they send these messages and immediately delete accounts and re-open other bogus accounts to avoid detection. Soundcloud should incorporate a method of verification to allow sending messages and block IP addresses of users who open/create multiple accounts from the same IP address.