Stats are shown wrong. Why?

  • 25 November 2014
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Stats are all getting shown wrongly. When someone new follows me, I get notified. Next moment, when I reload my page, no. of followers does not get updated. And when I try to download some tracks, some server error is shown. Actually, that user hasn't enabled download on his tracks. But sometimes when I visit his page, I can see the download button. And I try to download, server error comes up. 10 minutes later, when I visit the page, there are no download options visible. Isn't that weird?

2 replies

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Hi Sajeev,

Thank you for posting. I believe the issues you're experiencing are due to caching on our end - this is currently a known issue that proved much more complex to fix then initially thought. Our developers are working on a fix for this at the moment.

I payed for the ability to see these statistics and they are coming up wrong, contradicting. "20 plays in the last 7 days, 110 plays today" .....?..... I'm not a mathematician, but.....

Then I go to stats page and and it says 125 plays. Is this part of the caching problem? If so, and you guys are having trouble fixing it, perhaps you could extend my service another month?