Stats broken, but only when all of april is included?

Stats seem to work for 2008-march 2015, but as soon as I include all of april, the entire stats of april disappears from the details (but are still shown in the diagram above), this happens as soon as i include 1 april - 30 april, but not when 1 - 29 or 2-30 is included. It started happening 2 days ago and I was waiting for it to resolve itself, but it hasn't.


1-30 april

as you can see, stats just disappear as soon as the whole month is included.
overall stats are also affected by this and shows a total of everything but april (may is included)

thanks in advance
// Jonas

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Hi Jonas,

Thank you for posting, and apologies about this. I've reached out to our developers and they are confirming this is a bug on our end at the moment. They are working on this, so hopefully, this can soon be resolved.

Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for the reply, and as you said, it seems to be working now!