Stats gone wrong: history for many years gone, all play counts are displayed for last week

  • 25 April 2016
  • 4 replies

Since last week, my stats got completely invalid. History for all the years is gone (almost); instead it shows "Plays last 24 hours 229K".

4 replies

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Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. It looks like one of your tracks got quite the significant increase in plays recently, which is why it looks like stats from previous years disappeared. However, the recent increase just shows relatively to the other years, hence they all seem quite small.

I've looked into this in further detail. We have no means of confirming whether or not your recent spike in plays on your track Music for Contact Improvisation, or Stillness Is My Move vol. 2 came from a fraudulent source, but we can see they are concentrated to a specific number of locations that are often flagged for fake plays.

It could be that someone paid for your plays to be increased, or you were mistakenly subject to fake plays bought for another account. We do not condone of people paying to increase their plays, and our trust and safety engineers are working on improving our anti-spam systems to weed out fake plays. I'm afraid we do not have the technical means of reverting, or adjusting, play counts. You can delete and re-upload a track to refresh the play count, but keep in mind this means all Likes, Comments and Re-posts will also be lost.

Our Trust & Safety team is working towards this though so in the future we can eradicate this problem and be in a better position to combat fake activity.

Hope this helps to shed some light on the issue.

All the best
Hi Mathis,
thank you for the swift response and investigation!

Indeed, as I see now, my stats are not lost, they just got relatively miniscule in comparison to this wicked spike... 24 April, Ukraine, 269K "plays". Jesus.

That's a huge pity, however, that the fake play count cannot be corrected/dropped. Because of course I wouldn't wish to delete and reup the track which has recently (before the spike!) become my most popular one (in a legitimate way, I believe) and has quite a few valuable comments and enough likes. Too bad that as from now on my overall stats become hardly usable... I will keep some hope that maybe you'd find a way to drop the counter someday.

thanks anyway,
There is something not right with this track still. I see a constant flow of likes and sometimes even reposts from people who are clearly and obviously not the target audience of my music. They don't look like bots (at least not all of them), but judging by their other likes I can't believe they would ever like like my mix, or would even care to listen more than a few seconds from it. Also the daily listens are around 1K - which is far from that Ukraine 260K spike, but also far from a norm for an outsider, clearly unpopular music as contained in the track.

Which makes me wonder, what's happening? I start feeling like I'm losing ties with the real listeners. The stats are not relevant anymore, listens are fake, likes don't seem to be real too... I don't need artificial plays and counts, I never ever looked into any promotional directions... Is this a common problem? Is there any solution for this?
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Hi gosh snobo,

Apologies for not following up with you in such a long time. We're currently getting lots of requests and cannot follow up with everyone as soon as we'd like.

Unfortunately, Fake activity, Spam accounts and bots are a constant problem on the internet and SoundCloud is affected by this, too.

Our Trust & Safety team continues to fight against this, figure our ways to find and suspend these accounts as soon as possible, and to prevent their creation in the first place.

In order to strengthen your ties to your real audience and listeners, I'd recommend to give this article on our help center a review.

If you have further questions in regards to Trust & Safety, please reach out to our team directly.

All the best to you,