Stats Issue, very confusing for me. . .

  • 12 June 2016
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The "?" pop-up next to the "Other Tracks" section of my stats (at the bottom of the tracks list) explains that only the first 50 tracks played are displayed. If I only have 38 plays at the time of looking at my stats, it seems to me that ALL plays should be displayed, and that there should be zero "Other Tracks." I'm totally confused on the mathematics being employed. I know my purpose in paying a monthly fee is to see what is being played, who is enjoying my tracks and where they are popular. When Soundcloud applies this very weird "Other" math, I feel like I'm not getting information I'm actually paying to get. Please make a note of this Soundcloud. I find it tremendously hard to believe you're incapable of delivering that info. On my end it looks like lazy/shady. What's the deal, folks?

1 reply

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Hi james,

Sorry about the confusion. The "Others" can have different meanings, depending where in your stats you're looking. Here's a rundown of the different occurrences and what they mean.

I'm not sure I understand the example you explained - however want to acknowledge that our data team is currently reprocessing play information for the last 3 months to ensure accuracy across all stats views. As a result of this you may see changes in your play counts across different stats views such as the track stats page, main stats page and the play count underneath the waveform of the track page. Please know this is due to the play data now being corrected, and discrepancies between different views being amended.

Once this correct data has been fully processed by the end of this week, the most accurate and up to date play information will be displaying on your tracks. We will update here once the processing has finished.

This info is also available on our Status Blog.

All the best