stats not available on most recently posted song 2/26/16

  • 28 February 2016
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I get stats for older tracks, but the one I posted 2/26/16 around 7am (the current time is more than 36 hours after that) shows no detailed stats. The piece is not even listed. It appears as 'other'. If I click on the track in my profile I see it had several plays, likes, etc. This is with the browser on the PC. The Pulse app on my iPad tells me said track does not exist. I can play the track from the app or browser just fine. There is something seriously wrong here.

7 replies

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I have not been able to see detailed data since the 26th and the stats are all out of whack.
I have the same problem. I posted recordings on each of the past three days and while I can see how many people listened, and it also tells me who liked the recordings, when I look at the stats (and I'm a Pro user), the recordings don't even show up, let alone the users. They don't exist?

. SoundCloud, could you please fix this???
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I'm having the same issues, reached out through twitter and I have the email for an actual person and nothing, sc is not acknowledging anyone at the moment as I've heard nada.

Me, too.
Thanks guys! At least this is not an isolated, individual problem. Let's hope they fix it soon!
Yes, it's reassuring it is not isolated. But I've been waiting three days for it to resolve itself with no change... #frustrated.
Uploads of the last 4 DAYS NOW are not showing in my stats. VERY disappointed Pro user.