Stats not re-setting after blocking spam accounts who are mass liking my stuff

  • 23 February 2016
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I'm not sure if maybe a friend has purchased fake likes and reposts on my behalf but it's extremely annoying as I am now being bombarded with hundreds of fake likes and reposts on my most recent song.

I've taken the time to block the accounts that are spamming me with likes/reposts and when I choose to block them I also select both check-boxes to also delete their likes/reposts/comments and also report them for spamming.

Since I've done this the actual numbers on my stats haven't changed at all. If you look at my page you can publicly see my stats (likes/reposts etc.) and what I've also noticed is that the likes and reposts on the song are publicly viewable. that is to say that anyone can view the list of users who have liked and reposted the song.

Since I've blocked these spam users the "repost" section has updated to no longer show these fake accounts as reposting the song (although the stats themselves have not updated). Unfortunately when looking at the publicly viewable "likes" section this has not updated at all and continues to show a massive amount of fake accounts liking the song.

Is there any way to deal with this? It is very embarassing to have, and makes it look as though I personally purchased fake interactions on my page, which I did not.

2 replies

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For the time being I've disabled public stats on the song until we can get this worked out.
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Hi there UrpleEeple,

Please get in touch with our Trust & Safety team about this. They have the necessary tools to look into this issue in further detail for you. You can send them an email here.

Thank you and all the best