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  • 2 June 2016
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Please, can you help me, there is a problem with my stats : last month "- 71" negative plays appeared for "other tracks" but I have only one track ! So there is "- 71" plays for April, and today one more time "- 35" negative plays appeared for May. These negative are not counted in the total of plays for these months on my stats per month. For April, it's written for "titres les plus écoutés" 141 but the number of plays indicates 70 plays, and -71 other tracks.The same problem for May.
So now on my stats page, there is under "Stats" 706 plays, on the right side under "page personnalisée" for my track "I thought about you" it's written 812 plays, and under "- 106" negative plays for "other tracks". At "tittle most played" it's written for my track 812 plays, and under the waveform at the page of my track, it's written 725 plays. What is the right number of plays ??? Thank you for answering me.

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4 replies

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Hi Dominique,

Hmm, this sure sounds strange. If the issue persists for you, please take a screenshot and send it over. Also, please make sure your devices time & date are set correctly (If the date wasn't correct, this might explain the negative numbers).

Hello Mathis,
Thank you very much for your answer. The time and date are correct. I'll try to send you a screenshot this evening ...
Best regards,

Hello Mathis,

Actually I can't send you the screenshoot so I sent by email to the "support" today.
Can you get it back ? Because I want that you take care of the problem.....
Thank you very much !

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Hi there,

I've just come across this conversation and noticed I've never properly followed up with you. Thanks for sending over the screenshot. I had forwarded your report to our engineers and it looks like these negative numbers are caused by a bug on our end unfortunately. Engineers are aware and are working on a fix for this, however it might take some time before this can be fixed for good :-/

Thanks for hanging in there!