STATS - why is it so different?

  • 15 September 2017
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Why has the stats interface been changed? It's really not at all user friendly but more importantly, it's not showing any detail of who's listened to your tracks. Paid users are entitled to that information. I hope there's a plan very soon to switch back to the previous view as this is just not a useful means of getting the data... and I've seen many people complain about it.

Thank U!
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5 replies

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Unfrigging real a unlimited pro account user here and of many years and heres another thing theyve now fokked about with so we can only see a few whos played youre music the most instead of most! yet still take take take yet offering lesser and lesser!¬ proper idiots who are changing soundcloud it has to be said
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Doing this and now after getting rid of all the groups!
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New stats interface is only huge dissaster. Hoping they give option to switch to old one.
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What a absolute frigging mess the stats are now,once again messed with something that didnt need changing,the whole place is a complete mess
Before you go too ballistic (like I did), there are more stats than what you see at first glance. Where it says "Top played tracks", if you click on that, you'll get the Top 25 of your tracks with number of plays. On to "Who played the most", you get top 50 and so on (Top Countries, Top Cities, etc.) A little less than before, but enough of what matters. -Trend.