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Ive logged into Soundcloud yesterday and saw that my stream and my likes/followers notifications are stuck at three days ago. Although i saw that people i followed already posted new tracks, they didnt show up in the stream. Same with the likes, i told my friend to like a track of mine, he did nut it didnt show up on my notifications. Same for the mobile app. Looking for Adviceto fix this Problem !

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+1 Same problem here in Germany
Also in Slovakia. But when I change IP address with Hola stream works. My internet provider is UPS ( Liberty Media )
I'm from Spain and have the exact same problem. Tried updating the app with no success but apparently it's not an issue isolated to Android OS since it's not working on my computer either.
Me too, from Spain same problem (three days ago)
Someone with a solution?, please.
Same here, from Spain and feed stuck for 3 days now.
my streaming is also not updating since yesterday, I can see music from four days ago only (Portugal)
Anch'io, dall'Italia stesso problema (quattro giorni fa)
5 days!!!!
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Today everythings back to normal....the Problem fixed itself for me. I can now see the notifications from a few days ago, that havent shown up back then.
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Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, the service to properly display and update the Streams of some of our users was compromised over the weekend. This has now been fixed so you should all be set.

Apologies about the inconvenience this may have caused.

All the best