Sudden Followers Drop

  • 5 July 2017
  • 2 replies

I have been experiencing this problem since a month.I experience sudden followers drop in my number of followers.Last night I was having 7065 followers but when I woke up I was having 6950 followers.I have read articles regarding the same and I am dead sure that this is not a case of mass unfollowing.The accounts deleted are not spam.This thing has happened earlier many times but now I am fed up.Please resolve this problem ASAP for the well-being of this community.My friends buy followers but they did not lose even 1 follower.Why is this happening with people like me? Please find another way to eliminate such accounts and STOP! Decreasing my followers everyday.If the present trend continues I am sure that SoundCloud will not survive and it's competitors will take over.

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2 replies

Now I am back ay 7109 lol fix this asap