Suddenly rise in plays without any 'special' reposts or likes

  • 30 June 2017
  • 2 replies

Hi Guys,

I was wondering how on earth it is possible that a track I recently uploaded suddenly get's way more plays than my other tracks. Nobody with a large audience reposted or liked it, and I just want to know how this is possible?! I didn't do anything special or something.

2 replies

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Have you got more followers since the previous uploads? The new upload is a 5 minute track while a lot of your older ones are long mixes. That could make a difference. It's getting immediate plays while someone might leave a two hour mix until they've got two hours to listen to it. You've got a pro account so you can see if you're getting plays via specific websites, or there was a spike of plays on a specific day, etc.
I checked all the available data but nothing says the track is being played from a different website or whatsoever. I still have the same amount of followers actually