Suggestion For Expanding Your Music

  • 29 January 2018
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Id like to start a suggestion as far as artist trying to get heard or trying to get their music out there in a more faster way for the artist and a more easier way for the listeners to pick what they feel they'd like to hear more of by adding new and separate simple interface named something along the lines as "hot or not in under a minute" so the idea is have the artist record 1 minute or less of what they feel is the best part or what best describes the song that they already have upload it to there profile that listeners if approved can go and find the track or a track they liked and have it added to their playlist versus having to listen to the entire song or not giving the song a chance giving the artist a plain and simple yes or no to their songs and I would also like to add that in order to keep it to a minimum limit this option only to their Spotlight which is only 5 at a time so listeners are not overwhelmed with this addition. So basically listeners will have the option to click on a artists spotlight or some similar access to their music which will only play a brief one minute or less of what the artist feels is their partially best one minute of the song that they wish to be heard so that listeners who are looking for new music can do so fast and easily and conveniently, which also helps artists get fast and easy feedback on what is liked and what's not instead of losing followers as quickly as they first came.. thank you my name is DJ_TektroNaut and this was a suggestion on expanding your music faster and easy that also benefits them as well as the listeners combined

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