Suspicious my track has a lot of "fake" plays on it.

  • 8 April 2017
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A hour passes by and I got about 50 likes and around 40 re-posts from other accounts. These accounts looked suspicious to me because they had a lot of likes of all different kinds of music. Some of them were the same tracks the other accounts had liked. Ever since then the plays went from around 400 to 6000. The likes are around 60 so the play to like ratio is low. I did a lot of promotion on my track. I know a lot of those plays are "fake" and some plays are real. My question is, is there a way to remove fake plays from a track?

2 replies

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I don't think plays can be removed. You need to check your stats and see if a bunch all came from the same source and decide for yourself which are real.
Maybe blocking all those EDM Universe accounts with the same picture that are reposting it might at least make the track page look a bit better.
What was the promotion you did that might have attracted all these identical-looking accounts?
The promotions were a simple re-post. So maybe those accounts had been working with bots? I'm still looking into this. Thanks for your advice though. I really appreciate it.