Temporary Outage - SoundCloud content not showing up properly

  • 24 September 2017
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When im logged into my account, nothing works. The "discover" tab says "sorry something went wrong". Same with my Liked song list. If i go to an artists page, it doesnt load any tracks. When i log out i have full functionality. The Android app wont let me log on or use it in any way. I submitted an email support request and still havent heard anything back after a week.

Has anyone seen this issue or how to resolve it?

Best answer by Mathis 17 November 2017, 15:29

Hi everyone,

Really sorry about this. We experienced a temporary outage last night that caused for some users to no longer be able to see some of their content. This issue has by now been fixed so you should be all set again.

Apologies about the inconvenience & all the best
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97 replies

My playlist, which had over a hundred songs on it, all which I carefully picked and put into order, was deleted to THREE. I did nothing, I didn't sign out, I didn't even reload the app, I just went to pick the playlist, and boom. Three. Tracks. I had to remake the entire thing from scratch, which is what I'm going to have to do again, because I just loaded up the app and the playlist has all of the songs shuffled in the completely wrong order. Normally I would not be this upset about this kind of thing, but to have it happen within hours of the previous instance, and then to read that this is common??? Is there really no way to fix this? I have been using SoundCloud for months now and have had no problems with it until now. I just hope that this gets fixed soon, or else this app is going to be deleted from my phone really quickly.
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Hi there,

It looks like no one from the Help Community has had the chance to get back to you yet. This should now work properly. Can you confirm?
So I have a small soundcloud channel that I release weekly music on. I had 160 followers last night, but I wake up to find that I only have 134? I know for a fact that I haven't started any drama to make people unfollow me, so I need to know what just happened
I only have a small SoundCloud right now. I had 23 followers but. Now suddenly the next morning I have 9
YO SAME SHIT!!! I lost about 30 last night. wtf?
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me too! just made a post about it also! so defeating!
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I also lost 15 and started a thread also! help !
I have a smaller account and I lost nearly 10 followers overnight as well.
I lost ~10 followers overnight. Smaller account.
Went to play music and my playlist does not load. Why???? Likes come up and Homepage but all my saved playlist has disappeared. It took me a while to set up my playlist the way I wanted it, now some glitch in the system has removed it. Why??? If this a new platform set up we should have been alerted. My account is FREE, so is this our Account going to be from now on.
the playlist that i have saved to my profile won't show up for me for some reason everytime i click on the tab it's completly blank

Hi guys.
It seems like every time my followers reach around 87 followers, they just drop by 40 ever night.
This has happened 3 times now and only happens at that amount.
What's going on?
I feel like this is either some kind of inflated followers or Sound Cloud is only updating my followers that unsubscribed once a week or two weeks?
Can't seem to access any of my tracks on my profile..whats happening?
I uploaded a new version of a track and made the previous version private. I played the new version and it played fine. But I went back to tweak it in Reaper, then I went to delete the track I'd just uploaded. I get "Something Went Wrong". I have access to nothing. The Support blog says nothing and I don't see a way to contact support.

So... anybody else experience this? I've tried three different browsers... same thing.
same im freaking out
My soundcloud fucked up my likes and now I cant sign in on my phone someone please fucking help
it's happening with me too
same, hope they fix it soon
Mine too
Mine came back from logging out and back in.
re-login guys, that fixed mine :)

EDIT: re-login will only temporary bring the tracks back, it'll disappear again, wtf
I can't access any of my music
Why am I getting this message?