Temporary Outage - SoundCloud content not showing up properly

  • 24 September 2017
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97 replies

All of the songs on my account went missing. It was fine all day.
i was just about to publish my new track and i went on my account and it doesn't seem to load or something. others cant seem to find it too I've tried with multiple pcs and on my android device as well to no avail.
Anyone else having the same issue?
It's back up for me now, should work for you as well
i lost over 2000 liked songs soundcloud wtf
Same thing just happened to me minutes ago. I tried deleting and redownloading the app multiple times; updating it and everything. The funny part is all of my likes are showing on my soundcloud on my computer, it's just my phone bugging out. If anyone has a solution help a brother out!
it is back up for me
Update i lost 2000 songs and had 200 i unistalled and reinstalled so far 1000 are recovered im still dissapointed if all mt songs arent recovered
All of my liked tracks and the tracks in my playlist have disappeared. I've tried re-signing into my account, didn't work. Made it worse. What is going on??
This actually just happened to me. I opened up my saved playlists and it created an error, so I restarted mine and all my liked songs were gone.
I'm having the same issue. The playlists won't load when I click on "Playlists". I've tried this on two separate computers (both on Chrome). Note I do not have this issue on the mobile app - the mobile app works fine.

- dance on
I had a playlist with 505 songs, go to add one song to it and the android app force closes and when i re open it and go to listen to that playlist it has 40 songs on it !!! Where did literally all my music go plus i have soundcloud pro and he entire playlist was saved offline !?!?! please help thats 2 years worth of music gone
Since last night, all my private playlists and stats are not appearing in the playlist tag anymore, checked from other browers, anyone having similar issues ?
Thank you
All fixed now - thanks guys for whatever you did.
Mines still broken this totally messed up my playlists f u soundcloud i actually pay good money for this
yup, I have the same problem 😞.

/you/sets gives me:

Source-Map-Error: TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.
Same thing happened to me!! Not a pro account though
I had the same issue, it wasnt as bad with me but I had 310 and my followers dropped to 291 in litterly one go. Did soundcloud remove fake accounts or something?
Hi, same here! The pages of Playlists and Albums in the collection area appear all blank... the rest (Overview, Likes, Stations, Following, History) show the correct content.
However, the playlists still seem to exist in the db as they're listed in the "modal" menu that appears when adding a song to playlist (each showing the correct # of tracks).

Yesterday I created the 25th playlist... don't think this is the issue here but who knows.

Thanks in advance

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Hi everyone,

Really sorry about this. We experienced a temporary outage last night that caused for some users to no longer be able to see some of their content. This issue has by now been fixed so you should be all set again.

Apologies about the inconvenience & all the best
I had this huge playlist of 201 that I’ve been adding to and using for YEARS. I looked at the playlist this morning and found that only 3 TRACKS WERE LEFT! This couldn’t have been one massive deletion of songs or copyrighting, since I can still find the songs if I search for them. PLEASE HELP!!!SOS!
I lost almost 350 songs from one playlist. I hope this is somehow reversible because I've been adding to that list for years and theres no way I could find them all again.