the number of people I'm following isn't shown SINCE ALMOST THREE MONTHS!?

  • 18 January 2018
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Hey, almost three months ago I wrote this:

Hey, recently I unfollowed a bunch of people at once and afterwards soundcloud showed me that I would be following 0 people, but if I clicked on this "0 following", I was still shown all the people I'm following (I asked friends to check out my account, it was the same, 0 following is shown, but only if you click on it, you can see who I'm following). So my initial reaction was to unfollow everybody and follow them again, one after one. Took some time and when I was finished and I checked my profile, the same problem persevered... I then took screenshots of the people I'm following, unfollowed everybody at once and then wanted to refollow them one by one, but then soundcloud got me blocked, because I was following to many people in too little amount of time, wtf. This really sucks, I want to fix this asap! Plus I wanted to write soundcloud directly, but can't seem to find a direct contact possibility?!

Since then I replied to another guy's similar topic, but this topic somehow was deleted and I still didn't get any response from you guys... could you please fix this!? ->


2 replies

HELLO SOUNDCLOUD?! Does anybody know how I can contat them directly since they don't reply at all here??
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Hi Max,

It looks like no one from the Help Community has had the chance to get back to you yet. I've made sure the number of followers is recalculated on the backend for you, so this should show up properly for you now (if this was not already the case)