Too many new followers in a few days

  • 7 January 2017
  • 1 reply

Hello, I have 2 Soundcloud accounts and suddenly both of them had gone up by 4k followers since the last time i checked them, then one of them went back down, but the unseen dimensions one suddenly got another 1,000 followers over night.
This is really strange, also checked my notifications and im getting a new follower every minute and they are all liking and reposting the exact same track as all the others
One of my friends asked me if i was paying for followers or something and i did not, i had 14.9k on the Unseen Dimensions account before it started acting all weird now i have 20.9
Some friends also told me their accounts suddenly got a lot more followers like mine did and they dont know why either
Can someone please explain what is going on? Any ideas?

1 reply

Suddenly my followers went back down to what it was before i got all these new random followers, still would like to know what happened if anyone ever has an explanation