too many plays & downloads per day

  • 22 May 2015
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In fact i've posted a track 2 months ago. At the beginning i got only few plays, and now, everyday i got 60/70 plays, track has been shared only 1 time. And i can't figure out where does the plays come from. I also got 176 downloads in 2 days.
I don't have like/share/comment, only plays & download. Is that a bot ?

Here is the track

5 replies

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Hi Macawena,

Thanks for posting on our forum. I've looked into this in further detail and can confirm that for the most part, your plays are coming through, our mobile page and the SoundCloud iOS app. There were a few suspicious websites listed as referrers of your track which I have now forwarded to our Trust & Safety team for review. However, this was not where the main part of your plays were coming from, so not to worry :-)

Hope this helps!

Thank you !
Is that possible to know where do the plays come from ? It's kinda weirds that I got 480 downloads with 2,5k plays but no like
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maybe its a really terrible track?.... only kidding =]

sources can be found via the bottom section of the stats page in the right most column (websites and apps). i think only pro accounts have access to these metrics
Only pro unlimited accounts can. I have pro account and i can't. Maybe should I delete the track ? x) too weird for me