Track Not Hitting Charts Despite its Play Count/Engagement?

  • 5 December 2017
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I uploaded a track to Soundcloud 5 months ago and recently it has been catching wind and getting a relatively large amount of plays. In my stats it says I got 5.5k plays in the last week. My song is tagged as Ambient and although the 15th track on that chart got 5.3k plays in the last week my track is not on the chart. The track is getting good engagement too (likes, comments, etc.). All I can think of is it could be that my track didn't fit the Soundcloud definition of Ambient OR it was posted too long ago..
Did I reason correctly or are there other reasons why this could this be?
The Track:

4 replies

It would help if you gave a link to the track.
It would help if you gave a link to the track.

here it is, sorry
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Hi hyuga,

It is most likely the time component that is keeping it from hitting the charts. Here's more info about the Charts feature: