Track not showing in chart

  • 30 July 2017
  • 3 replies

Hello.....I have a track which should be showing in the UK Deep House chart, it's had 5,079 plays in the last 7 days:

So it should be number 3 in the chart, but it's not ranking at all. The genre and country are set correctly, and Deep House is the first tag.

Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks, Nick

3 replies

Hey Todd, thanks for this.....I checked and there were approx 80 of them! I have no idea where they came from but I have blocked them all, hopefully that will sort it. There has been some promo done but all legit and organic, so these bot followers are not from me!

Thanks Eve also, appreciate the help.
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Something funny going on with your followers, mate. I'd block all those bots with the same name immediately.

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It's got to be based on more than just plays. Otherwise a track that gets lots of clicks but nobody actually likes once they hear it might chart.

At the moment you've got 12.5k plays but 402 likes. So 3.2% of people playing it thought it was good enough to like., and only 16 comments. Random tracks I checked in the UK Deep House charts have around 25% likes comments up in the thousands.