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  • 20 January 2017
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I'm aware that spam bots are prolific on this site, listening to, liking, sending PM's etc. Annoying but not much impact. However, I received an email today telling me one of our tracks is approaching its download limit of 100. We are not a very popular artist at all, but I thought it might have gradually increased without me noticing. Not so - it has had 91 downloads in the last 3 days, but no plays in those 3 days. Is this a glitch, or is this track being targeted by download bots or something? It has 19 plays total so seems very suspicious to me. If it's legitimate then so be it, but I thought it would be worth bringing this anomaly to attention.

Track in question:

2 replies

Sounds like a bogus app/bot. The mods can help track the source for you, although it's late in the evening in Berlin right now.
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Hi BizBazBoz,

Looks like you have uploaded a whole bunch of tracks - can you let us know the track in question please?