unlimited pro seems very limited to me

  • 22 January 2015
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I got a lot more hits than usuall on this song:
I got 350 hits on one day. Usually I get like 100 a day. I wanted to know how this was possible so I decided to buy Unlimited Pro to see if my cover was posted on a blog or something. When I purchased Unlimited and checked my stats I still wasn't able to see anything relevant. I checked the stats over 2 days. The stats show that it was 231 times played from (which still doesn't say anything). But most plays come from 'other websites', 385 plays. So I still don't have any clue where the plays come from.
Question 1: If it is played from ''. On which page is it played then? Is it just unknown?
Question 2: Is there any way to find out where the increase of plays come from? I'm very glad I get more plays, but it is frustrating to pay money to be able to see some stats and you still can't see it. It would be very helpfull to know where these plays come from.
I already tried to find it via google, but i can't find anything.
For me Unimited Pro is really a waste of money if it doesn't show the stats accurately. I want to be able to see exactly on which page people play my music. If Pro Unlimited can't do that, it is useless for me.

2 replies

Also I hope I could get back my money. Soundcloud promises that you can see from which websites people play your music. But unlimited doesn't do that. I still don't know anything.
Im sorry nobody ever responded. Unimited doesnt give you plays, but it should give more stats. Its very expensive.