Very high number of plays.....something odd going on with spam/bots??

One of my tracks has got over 1,000 plays in a day when it should be getting maybe 80. All the plays are in african states as well. Can someone have alook at it. Is there a spam or bot issue going on.
Here is the track

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Hi there,

Thanks for posting. I've looked into this for you and did some digging. Good news 🙂 - looks like bbc Africa likes your track, which gave it a blast of plays.

I've also researched where the listens are coming from, and it turns out that most of the plays were done on our mobile site. This explains why many of the plays are coming from anonymous, i.e. not logged in-users.

Hope this helps :-)

Happy SoundClouding!
I remember a similar thing happened to us with our downloads shooting up by several hundred in a day and turned out to have been added to a blog site that gets heavy traffic. I too assumed it was a bot for quite a while until I found out about the source.
Hi Matt

I received 50+ listens today compare to a couple in a week and wondered if you can do the same investigation for me, just to make sure its not bots or something like that?