What Genres does soundcloud need to include?

  • 13 February 2020
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I feel soundcloud, like the music industry in general, neglects african american genres, and lumps it all under r&b/hip hop/rap

If your band sounds like Sade, youre r&b. if you sound like the temptations, youre r&b. If you sound like Prince, youre r&b. If you sound like Aaron Neville, youre r&b. Parliament? r&b

Would someone expect to see a mega concert that has “Atomic Dog” playing, and the next band plays “Lean on me” by bill Withers? Is usher r&b, but Justin Timberlake “pop?” why? if they swapped songs, is the genre swapped as well?


Here is my list:

  • Smooth Jazz (despite deliberate efforts to kill it off, regardless of the large fan base, you need to give the thusands of artists and fans a place to find New music in Smooth jazz, like youtube does.. Like this
  • Chillout
  • Stepper’s (like this)


  • Hip hop Jazz(like this)


  • soul (this is like Aretha franklin, the Dap Kings, Tina Turner, chuck brown. Like this)


  • Funk (this would be prince, James brown, Parliament)
  • classic /contemporary R&B (this would be like the motown sound, the stylistics, maze . Mid tempo stuff, real instruments, not synth. Older artists. we call it “grown folks music. Like this)


  • Neo Soul this would be like Jill scott, Erikah Badu, Sade, Kem (like this)


  • Neo soul...

I KNOW you likely cant tell the difference. You dont have to, do you?
as long as users, who will increase your usage do.

THEN PROMOTE that you have added it, so then people who have abandoned this site can know that they actually have a place.


You guys have a thousand break downs of pop, and dance, as well as rock. Can brown people get the same attention you guys show in your banner ads?


1 reply

aha well , let's see . On a personal level I would like to see an “ experimental electronic “ listing . As it is the listings that even hint at the more off beat and different always yield , In my opinion , Ambient , EDM , minimal or popular Trance etc … I do realise that I may be speaking for a small minority … However most new and inovative creative composers do hold sway to steering trends and fashions inadvertently until they are accepted into the mainstream as a norm … Albeit in a watered down form …


An example of the under the under might be something like this ??